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We are currently serving Berks and Montgomery counties for the following services.

Often families decide to move because they have outgrown their current house or it no longer meets all of their needs. You can avoid the hassle of searching for a new home and the headache of moving all of your belongings by adding on to your existing home. Perhaps you need a separate office space where you can work in peace? Maybe you want to expand your kitchen or living space so you and your family can spread out, relax and enjoy your time together. Or you may have a family member moving in and you would like to provide them with space of their own. With Fox’s Remodeling’s careful planning and attention to detail, we can build the addition you need to live comfortably in your home for many years to come. Contact us today and begin the process of transforming your home.

The kitchen sees more use and diversity than any other room in the home. A location for cooking, entertaining, and making memories, it is important that your kitchen be functional and properly sized. Whether your kitchen is outdated, needs a better layout, or is lacking storage, Fox’s Remodeling can design the kitchen you need. We can install a wide range of flooring, cabinetry, and countertop styles to compliment your needs and your lifestyle. Contact us to learn more, and see how you can take the next step to your kitchen remodel.

When the day comes to an end, it’s important to have a relaxing space you can escape to and unwind. By redesigning your master suite we can turn it into the perfect getaway, designed specifically for you. There are a few things to consider. You may not have a closet and need to find space for one so you can have more storage space. Is the bathroom outdated? Does it need a facelift, or a complete overhaul to make it more functional? Contact Fox’s Remodeling, we would love to help you recreate your master suite to be all that you want it to be.

Many bathrooms we come across are outdated and lack functionality. With so many options available today, your bathroom can look just the way you want with the appropriate fixtures and finishes. With features such as recessed shower shelving, towel warmers, and heated floors there are so many ways you can make the bathroom an oasis. Don’t hesitate to contact Fox’s Remodeling to learn how we can transform your bathroom.

If you are considering adding more living space to your home, the basement is a great place to start. The structure of the home is already in place, and by finishing your basement you could possibly double your living space. There are many functions the basement can serve, including a gym, bonus bedrooms for guests, a bar, entertainment area, and so much more. Contact Fox’s Remodeling to learn more about your options, and find a design that will work just right for you.